CSS 3 Animation Experiment

CSS3 Animations I’ve been playing around with CSS 3 animations lately and here’s something simple that I came up with. http://www.ejhansel.com/cssAnimation/ I wouldn’t recommend putting something like this live on any site(ahh, maybe a one page poster style site), but it’s nice to take a look at and get an understanding for how it’s done. […]

CSS Selectors You Should Be Using NOW!

Here’s a list of CSS selectors that you should be aware of and using in your web design projects. This isn’t all of the CSS selectors, it a list of the selectors that I think are most useful and are supported by the majority of browsers including I.E. 7 and up. With I.E. 6 losing […]

Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin with CAPTCHA

I received a question on the post I wrote about styling the Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin that asked “did you happen to come across the captcha? How do you integrate it?”. Contact Form 7 has built in support for the Really Simple CAPTCHA Plugin and it’s rather easy to integrate and style. In this […]

Open Firebug in a new Window

I’ve been using the Firefox Firebug plug-in for at least 5 years now and I couldn’t imagine building websites without it. I’ve used the web developer tools that come with Safari, Chrome, and Opera but I keep coming back to Firebug. I’m comfortable with it and I seem to be able to edit CSS faster […]

Thematic 320 and up

What is 320 and up? The 320 and up project page explains it like this “Inspired by Using Media Queries in the Real World by Peter Gasston, ‘320 and Up’ is a device agnostic, one web boilerplate.” [normal box title=”UPDATE” width=”100″]I’ve updated my original design and added Thematics default style, you can read more about […]