CSS 3 Animation Experiment

CSS3 Animations I’ve been playing around with CSS 3 animations lately and here’s something simple that I came up with. http://www.ejhansel.com/cssAnimation/ I wouldn’t recommend putting something like this live on any site(ahh, maybe a one page poster style site), but it’s nice to take a look at and get an understanding for how it’s done. […]

CSS Selectors You Should Be Using NOW!

Here’s a list of CSS selectors that you should be aware of and using in your web design projects. This isn’t all of the CSS selectors, it a list of the selectors that I think are most useful and are supported by the majority of browsers including I.E. 7 and up. With I.E. 6 losing […]

Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin with CAPTCHA

I received a question on the post I wrote about styling the Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin that asked “did you happen to come across the captcha? How do you integrate it?”. Contact Form 7 has built in support for the Really Simple CAPTCHA Plugin and it’s rather easy to integrate and style. In this […]

Open Firebug in a new Window

I’ve been using the Firefox Firebug plug-in for at least 5 years now and I couldn’t imagine building websites without it. I’ve used the web developer tools that come with Safari, Chrome, and Opera but I keep coming back to Firebug. I’m comfortable with it and I seem to be able to edit CSS faster […]

Create a Custom Twitter Tweet Button

For a project I’ve recently been working on I needed to add share buttons for various social sites. IE: Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, ect. I originally used the premade buttons that are offered by the various social sites, but by the time I was finished, it looked like a huge mess. Not only did it look […]

Setup a WordPress Thematic Child Theme

Thematic is a great WordPress Theme Framwork that I’ve been working with for years. [normal box title=”First post in a series about Working with Thematic Child Themes” width=”100″]Setup a WordPress Thematic Child Theme WordPress Thematic Child Theme Folder Structure the Right Way Part 1 [/normal box] I’ve used Thematic for both client work and personal […]