CSS 3 Animation Experiment

CSS3 Animations I’ve been playing around with CSS 3 animations lately and here’s something simple that I came up with. http://www.ejhansel.com/cssAnimation/ I wouldn’t recommend putting something like this live on any site(ahh, maybe a one page poster style site), but it’s nice to take a look at and get an understanding for how it’s done. […]

CSS 3 Transform Experiment

Transform is a pretty exciting feature that’s been implemented in CSS 3. So why haven’t we used more of it in our designs? When I made the switch to web design the thing I missed most was the ability to angle text. Sure it could be done with images, but at a price called page weight. I’ve searched online and there are a few examples that use the feature to make cubes, or rotate an image in an attempt to recreate some type of flash-like image gallery, but haven’t seen it used in a visually impacting way. I asked myself why?