WordPress Jetpack Infinite Scroll and the Thematic Framework

Jetpack is a great set of plugins that now comes bundled with WordPress. One of those plugins, Infinity Scroll, removed the need to page through posts by automatically loading more posts on pages like your blog, archives or categories. This post is specifically about adding support for Jetpack Infinity Scroll to the WordPress Thematic Framework. […]

CSS 3 Animation AJAX Loaders

After seeing some example of CSS 3 animating “AJAX Loaders” on another site (I think sitepoint.com) I thought it would be fun to make some of my own. These “AJAX Loaders” are completely styled and animated with CSS 3. They take advantage of new CSS 3 properties like animation, keyframe, and transform so they won’t […]

Style The WordPress WP-PageNavi Post Navigation Plugin

The WP-PageNavi plugin can be vary useful if the theme WordPress theme you’re using doesn’t have numbered navigation built-in. The default style of the plugin looks nice if your theme is fairly simplistic but for those of you that would like a bit more and love fine details keep reading. Styled WordPress WP Page Navigation […]

A Responsive Drop Down Navigation Menu

Recently I was asked about the responsive menu I created when I redesigned my website. The code for the menu is based on the Suckerfish Dropdowns written on A List Apart years ago. I’ve just restyled parts of it to make it responsive. Responsive Drop Down Menu in a Browser. This menu is a slightly […]

Simplistic Blogging Icon Set

I wanted a simplistic set of icons that I could use for a new WordPress Child theme that I’m working on, so I created one. There are 2 sets of 16 icons included in the set (A dark and light version of each icon). Each set includes an archives icon, calendar icon, categories icon, contact […]